My name is Holly Clark, and I am a Philadelphia-based mural designer. I'm also a professional photographer too, capturing exciting events and people all over the city! I bring more than 25 years in the design, advertising and photography industries to my work to create magic in my murals. I have a BA from Penn State University in Graphic Design and Literature. 
I began my career in the music industry, but quit my job a few years later to travel the world. I returned home to begin freelance life working in the advertising industry doing pretty much everything you can imagine: art direction, graphic design, production, quality control, and photo retouching. 
Eventually, my interest in photography blossomed into a new career, where today my focus is in the non-profit healthcare sector. I've taught photography workshops both online and abroad. I write about photography at Viewfinders, a female photography collaborative, and regularly contribute to Bella Grace Magazine. I am a founding photographer with Stocksy United and was proud to serve on the Board of Directors for three years representing my fellow Class-C members.
I returned to my design roots in a perfect marriage of my career skills when a former photo client asked for recommendations for a designer. 
"I'm a designer," I said. "What's the project?" 
And a mural artist was born! 
Overall, I am on a personal quest to find the best life has to offer at home and abroad while expressing it creatively along the way. I've traveled all over the world and have a passion for African safaris - I even married my safari guide!
When I'm not out exploring the world with my expat husband, you can usually find me wandering the streets of my neighborhood, Manayunk, with my expressive Aussie Gibson. Gibson and I love to learn new tricks and are currently learning all about doggie parkour.
I'm often up to my elbows in dirt nurturing my green thumb or drinking countless cups of coffee to an eclectic mix of music. I seek inspiration from just about everything, and that vision often ends up in reflected in my work. 
Let's work some magic together on your next mural project! 
You can reach me by filling out my contact form, or by phone, text or email:
267-977-0311 •
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